Who is Regetel Hotel Management

Over the past 30 years, Regetel Hotel Management has built up its expertise managing independently-owned hotels. All the establishments we support are boutique hotels located in Paris, each with its own unique personality. We bring operational and strategic expertise, providing on-the-ground assistance to the staff of establishments ranging from stylish 3-star addresses to elegant 5-star hotels. At RHM, we specialize in satisfying the most demanding guests.
At RHM, we are driven by an unflagging energy. We understand your need for custom service. Our team has mastered the art of balancing sales and smiles, passion and patience, innovation and experience. We are quite simply passionate about what we do.

Every hotel is different, and requires support tailored to its individual positioning. RHM provides valuable behind-the-scenes hospitality advice, working to assist with everything from project audits to everyday hotel management.


Upstream studies of proposed acquisitions:

We can carry out an audit upstream of a proposed acquisition

Detailed analysis report:

- the establishment’s potential
- its strengths and weaknesses
- whether it is well located
- strategic, marketing and financial analysis
- sales figures
- customer segmentation
- commercial, company and operating contract quality check

Business plan:

- business strategy
- provisional operating budget

Assistance with decision-making:

- positioning of the future hotel
- compliance with accessibility and safety requirements
- hotel renovation: architecture, decoration etc.


One-off strategic support:

One-off strategic support 

RHM shares its best management practices

Before the acquisition:
- financing plan
- renovation project

During renovation:
- calls for tender
- technical and financial advice

Preparing for the opening of the new hotel:
- business strategy
- provisional operating budget
- RH management

Continued support for at least one year, establishing and overseeing the new business

- e-marketing and yield management
- internal procedures and organization
- inspection documents
- staff management

Optimum hotel profitability:

Operation Establishment of:
- a rational internal organization
- management control

Marketing & sales

*Marketing strategy for targeted hotel positioning:

- defining targets
- choosing opinion leaders
- marketing plan tailored to sales channels
- assistance with social networks
- e-marketing
- customer follow-up, e-reputation

*Business strategy:

- e-commerce
- yield management
- pricing policy and loyalty plan
- sales campaigns tailored to customer type
- online visibility and e-tourism portals
- greater RevPAR and GOPPAR
- analysis and pricing decision-making tools

- operating budget and analysis of results
- management control, dashboard, monthly reports
- GOPPAR progress report, ratio and cost analysis

Legal affairs, HR and accounting:
- staff management, as part of a service quality strategy
- staff incentive policy linked to company performance
- accounting and payroll management

Some figures:

Global turnover managed in 2019 : €18,180,000 excl. tax

¨  Annual number of nights: 118 461
¨  Average overall annual price: approx. €159 excl. tax
¨  Average annual occupancy rate: 80%
¨  Number of employees managed: 111 staff